Arielle Johnson

Assistant to Mr. Khalsa

Japji Khalsa
Executive Producer
Wrangle people, places and things!
David Gabriel
Producer / Director of Events
Overall Director of Events. Make sure that all Event Departments Heads have everything they need to put on the greatest Con in the West, KublaCon!
Mike Eckert
Associate Producer
I am responsible for the Dealer's Room, Volunteers, Merchandise and the onsite registration process for all the attendees of KublaCon. My core group of staff and volunteers will work hard to make sure you get through the line at registration and onto having FUN at KublaCon. Since we will be some of the first faces you see at KublaCon, I promise you will be met with a smile and a welcome!! KUBLA!!!
Meghan Khalsa
Director of Awesome
Social Media Diva. Promote presence in various interactive sites. Help keep KublaCon in people's minds and hearts.
Events | Collectable Games
Ronnie Rivas

Collectable Games Coordinator

Inari O'Meara
Magic Games Coordinator

Cecily Leonard

CCG Assist

Events | Miniatures
Roderick Robertson

Miniatures Coordinator
Schedule Miniatures and Historical Miniatures games
Wayne Rogers
Mini-Painting Coordinator
I run the Kublacon Mini-Painting competitions, Speedpainting contests, Paint-n-Take, Painting seminars, etc.
Meredith Somavia

Mini-Painting Assistant
General ORLOKS duties.
Events | Live Action
David Oberholzer
LARP Coordinator
Recruit good LARP GMs and keep them happy. Ensure the highest quality of LARP possible. Meet special needs of events.

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