Do I have to pay for KublaCon even if I just want to attend the flea market or see the dealer's room?
Yes, to join in all the fun you'll need to register for either the full weekend or one day. This is true for ALL of our events, including the flea market, auction, and dealers room.

I'm a parent and don't play, do I have to pay?
For the most part, the answer to this is Yes. In some cases, if you are at KublaCon with a younger child and are there JUST to supervise them, and to not play games with them, we may offer you a parent sticker. You'll need to go to the registration desk and explain your situation.

Do I have to stay at the hotel to attend?
No, you don't. Many people commute from their homes or may choose to stay at other hotels nearby. We encourage you to stay at the Host hotel, because it allows you to immerse yourself into your gaming experience, and not have to worry about driving or playing 'too late.'

How can I pay for KublaCon?
We can take Visa/MC/Amex either online or at the show. We do NOT take checks at the show, but we can do so if you mail in a pre-registration.

Do I have to Pre-Register if I'm running a game?
The short answer to this is generally NO. In the past we would require that you pre-pay for your registration, and then you would get reimbursed after you'd completed your volunteering hours. That is no longer the case.

We are trusting you to do your committed events! If you fail to do so without good cause, you may be barred from running games in the future.

Likewise... remember that you must run a MINIMUM of 6 hours as a GM, or volunteer for 8 hours as a Host to get a free badge.

Where is the CCG (RPG/TBL) Headquarters?
Sometimes the HQ for a type of game won't actually be in the place where most of the games are actually run. Visit the link below to see a list of where HQ is for most games.
Where can I park at KublaCon?
You can self-park your car at the Hyatt for $10 a day... but the lot fills up quickly, and there are no in/out privileges.

The Crowne Plaza also has parking for KublaCon attendees at $10 a day, no in/out. The KublaCon Shuttle leaves the Crowne every 20 minutes, making it easy to park and play at either hotel.

There is also fairly abundant street parking just north of the Hyatt. Be sure to secure and hide your belongings in ALL parking situations.

How old do my children have to be before I'm required to pay for them?
We are always pleased to see families join us for KublaCon!! We really pride ourselves on being a family friendly convention with games and areas dedicated strictly to young or teen players!!

The short answer is: We don't have a specific age limit - if your children are participating in any way, they'll need to pay. By “participating” we mean engaging or interacting with experiences at the convention. For example, playing with blocks or other children in the young player’s area would require a paid wristband, but being shuttled in a parent’s backpack through the dealer room is NOT considered participating.

Shuffled events as a team or couple?
The Shuffler doesn’t accommodate teams, and while you may get lucky to get assigned to the same event with a specific friend or partner, there is no guarantee. In the case where you are not assigned together, we suggest the following:

1) For Tabletop events consider:
a) Show up at the event’s listed time with your friend and attempt to get a seat at the game. For TBL, this is quite likely and most boardgames have the ability to flex size-wise depending on numbers of copies of the game. If you own the game, bring it with you!
b) Use the game library and game flag system to start or join a boardgames taking place in open gaming
2) For Roleplaying and Larping events:
a) Show up at the event’s listed time with your friend and attempt to get a seat at the game. For RPG, this is less likely than most boardgames, but openings do happen.
b) Participate in one of our organized play groups such as Pathfinder Society or D&D Adventurer’s League. The can almost always seat you at a game that will accommodate a partner, an will match the level at which you like to play.

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