Volunteer Guide available online.
View or download our PDF guide for volunteers. Help us create a great event by knowing our expectations and procedures. Even if you think you're familiar with how to host or GM at KublaCon... please read this!
Task Requests open
We've purged the Task requests and assignments from last year. Which means that if you want to volunteer at the show - NOT as a GM - please log into your account and select the tasks you'd like to request. Also... we've added a special bonus perk for certain tasks. You can search for them after logging in.
Game Design Contest on Facebook
Get all the latest happenings on our game design contest through our dedicated Facebook page and in our Event listing: http://tinyurl.com/gr4ooqs
Event Submissions are open
Start making your plans now to bring your talents and games to KublaCon! If you run 6 hours or more as a GameMaster, you'll earn free admission to the convention. So sign up now to run your favorite RPG, Miniatures game, or boardgame. Deadline is April 1st!
Bonus perk for certain tasks
We offer a bonus perk to help fill volunteer slots in certain tasks such as door monitoring, or young player's room helpers. You can earn a $5 gift certificate to Games of Berkley for every slot you fill.
Visit our Winners Board
We've added a web page that now lists the victors of several high-profile tournaments at KublaCon. See who won the annual game design contest... and who earned a trip to GenCon to play in the Catan Championships.

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